The Smart Manufacturing Alliance and McTear Williams and Wood partner to support businesses in distress and drive recovery strategies

The Smart Manufacturing Alliance (SMA) and McTear Williams and Wood are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at assisting manufacturing businesses in financial distress and driving effective recovery strategies.

The partnership is driven by a shared commitment to support the manufacturing industry during challenging times, with businesses being impacted by economic disruptions, market volatility and the fallout from Covid 19. As businesses strive to adapt and recover, McTear Williams and Wood are able to offer tailored solutions and expert advice to manufacturers in need of rescue or insolvency support.

Established in 2000 by Andrew McTear, Chris Williams and David Wood, the company is now one of the largest regional independent business rescue and insolvency practices in the UK, providing clients and professional advisors with comprehensive business rescue and insolvency services, employing over 50 staff working across the south East of England including Cambridge, Norwich and Peterborough.

Robin Meynell, Associate from McTear Williams and Wood said “We are delighted to partner with the SMA to support manufacturers in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Our aim is to support companies during difficult times, helping them navigate financial difficulties and emerge stronger. Together we aim to empower manufacturers with the tools and strategies they need to achieve a sustainable recovery and build a resilient future. However, when all options have been explored and recovery is not possible, we can also provide support to make the insolvency process as painless as possible”

Tom Hennessy, Chief Executive of the SMA said “We aim to provide services and support to manufacturers in our region through good times and bad. Having a trusted partner who can help our members navigate difficult times and provide support to achieve the right outcome, whatever that may be is key to the SMA offer. We look forward to growing our relationship in the future”.

To find out more about McTear Williams and Wood visit McTear Williams and Wood.