The Smart Manufacturing Alliance aims to develop a world-class manufacturing cluster across Greater Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Our region is home to over 3,000 manufacturers who specialise in everything from 3D printing and pharmaceuticals down to engines and robotics.

We want every manufacturer in our region to reach their full potential. That could mean optimising Industry 4.0 technologies, upskilling in-house teams, or unlocking more funding for ground-breaking research and development.

We run regular events filled with expert insight to help manufacturers develop their plans and make their operations more robust. Join our mailing list so you don’t miss out.

The year ahead…

Watch the recording from our Manufacturing Outlook 2022 event with commentary from MHA MacIntyre Hudson and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM).

Why join?

  • Get to grips with your business’ performance, and address the most pressing challenges with our diagnostics and assessment (DNA) toolkit
  • Find out what you could save on your energy bills by joining the SMA Energy Collective
  • Upskill your team’s technical expertise through our specialist training brokerage
  • Develop your current and future leadership team
  • Access sector and market analysis
  • Free Affiliate membership to
  • Free Membership to the Bondholder Network
  • Free access to a bespoke “Marketing Health Check”,( £800 – £1200 worth of consultancy) from Move Marketing specifically engineered for manufacturers across the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough region
  • Free Organisational Training Needs Analysis (OTNA), courtesy of the North Cambridgeshire Training Centre (NCTC), + 15% discount on all of NCTC commercial training courses 
  • Exclusive access to TWI’s InnovationNetwork – R&D, grant funding
  • Tools to bridge productivity and performance gaps, and benchmark progress
  • Leverage our network to tap into new markets more easily
  • Access grants, funding, and support to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Collaborate with ambitious SMEs and integrate them into established supply chains
  • Coordinate cutting-edge research projects with academia
  • Enhanced networking opportunities through business visits, events, and workshops with local manufacturers and engineers
  • Facilitate pilot projects with challenge-led innovation platforms
  • Grant funding advice and guidance
  • Access to £5,000 innovation vouchers with ARU
  • Integrate into industry leader supply chains

Membership starts from £125 + VAT per annum per business.


£   125 – Individual

£   225 – Micro 2-9 employees

£   525 – Small 10-49 employees

£   775 – Medium 50-249 employees

£ 1,025 – Large 250+ employees

Please note VAT will be added to the amount shown


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Boosting Performance

We’re more than a network – we provide one-to-one, expert tailored support to our members that tackle their most pressing operational challenges.

Our members have exclusive access to our Diagnostics and Assessment (DNA) toolkit. Testing everything from your business fundamentals to your innovative edge, you receive a full diagnostic of your operations to find performance gaps, identify strengths and areas for improvement. After that, we work alongside you to make your business more productive and profitable,  connecting you with experts and collaborators who can support your journey.

Our diagnostics evaluates five key areas:

The Five Journeys

Innovation and Commercialisation

Innovation & Commercialisation

Development and marketing of new products, processes and services
Competitiveness and Trade

Competitiveness & Trade

Evaluate your market position and help you break into new markets
Productivity and Performance

Productivity & Performance

Develop effective strategies for productivity, change management, and business systems.
Sustainability and Carbon Reduction

Sustainability & Carbon Reduction

Embed sustainable models to make your business more productive, profitable, and resilient; making carbon budgets go further.
Enterprise and Growth

Enterprise & Growth

Incubate ideas from individual, communities and businesses and turning them into successful, scale-able business models.
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The Smart Manufacturing Alliance is a joint venture between the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Business Board and economic development company, Opportunity Peterborough.

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We also have an Advisory Board of sector experts who help guide our work and ensure we tackle the most pressing challenges for our manufacturers.