Throughout the year, SMA Executive Cohort Members set aside 9 sessions of 2 hours of their morning schedules to step away from their usual office routines. During these occasions, they convene with a carefully selected group of no more than twelve esteemed business peers for a confidential meeting chaired by the SMA.

The atmosphere in the room is truly remarkable as these dedicated leaders gather to foster each other’s success. Each participant brings a diverse range of issues to the table, and the true beauty of this meeting lies in the fact that they all depart with a clear sense of direction, with new information or something to consider for the future.

Within the secure and confidential setting of these meetings, these business leaders openly share their most crucial decisions and significant challenges. They collaborate to troubleshoot problems, evaluate ideas, and rigorously test assumptions. Additionally, they serve as invaluable resources in identifying blind spots that may have been overlooked. The experience is both inspiring and intense, igniting a strong motivation to excel.

It is of utmost importance to highlight that every meeting is conducted with the highest level of confidentiality.

The Executive Cohort truly value the opportunity to come together, exchange insights, and support each other’s growth and success as does the SMA.

Don’t take our word for it please read some comments from our executive cohort members below:

“It’s like having you own private MD to MD forum. An opportunity to discuss personal and technical issues with like-minded people. Hearing other people’s issues help you to avoid going down the same path. Seeing how others have adopted systems and process accelerates your own development strategies.”

Paul Bubb – Director – Net Led Lighting

“Being part of the Smart Manufacturing Alliance has broadened our network of local businesses allowing us to build reciprocal working relationships that benefit both sides. Through the organised events and factory tours, we have also been able to connect with others, share ideas and to see different approaches to common challenges.”

John Knight – Managing Director – EF Engineering 
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