What is the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and how will it effect my Exports and Imports ? Presentation and Discussion with Zach Spencer, and Rob Allison from Auditel – 28th February, 2024

In this episode our Network Development Manager, Tracy Grazioli brings – Zach Spencer a Carbon Auditor and cost procurement consultant at Auditel, specialising in supporting SMEs on their journey to Carbon Neutrality to present on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).  Supported by Rob Allison – Director – Auditel.  Rob Allison is a Director at Auditel and also a keynote speaker on the subject of achieving Carbon Neutral for industry bodies such as the Food & Drink Federation, the British Standards Institute, NQA, and Salesforce !

  • Auditel is the longest established cost, procurement and Carbon Solutions organisation in the UK. With over 80 qualified Carbon Auditors, our mission is to help organisations manage Carbon in a measurable, meaningful and potentially self-funding way. Their consultants work with their clients to accurately measure their carbon footprint and effectively source low carbon suppliers, to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing their costs.

The talk relates to the UK and how Exporters and Importers will be impacted by the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and the newly proposed UK version.

UK businesses should explore ways to decarbonise their supply chains. As the price of CBAM certificates is expected to increase with the phasing out of EU ETS free allowances between 2026 and 2034, when the incentive for EU businesses to embrace decarbonisation becomes more significant.