Improving performance in manufacturing

How robust are the building blocks of your manufacturing operations? Are there hidden performance gaps preventing your teams from reaching their full potential?

Our Diagnostics and Assessment (DNA) tool gets you back to basics with a 360° assessment of your operations, from business fundamentals to embracing innovation.

We evaluate your business performance down to the core to give a clear picture of current strengths and weaknesses.

We’ll then work with your teams to develop clear action plans to address any challenges and grow and develop your business in line with your goals.

What's in your business' DNA? 360 performance assessment for manufacturers
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We use feedback from your senior management team to assess current performance and develop bespoke actions plans that:

  • address hidden performance gaps
  • develop workforce skill sets in line with business priorities
  • bridge perception gaps across teams
  • adapt priorities to optimise outcomes and improve productivity
  • strengthen the talent pipeline and recruitment strategies

We’ll work with your teams to agree benchmarking, track progress, and connect you with the experts and partners who can help you achieve your goals.

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Benchmarking Performance

We evaluate your performance in five key areas. Based on what matters most to your business, we’ll begin a journey to improve outcomes and efficiency in specific areas.

Innovation and Commercialisation

Innovation & Commercialisation

New product development, products and services
Enterprise and Growth

Enterprise & Growth

Idea incubation and creating successful, scaleable business models.
Competitiveness and Trade

Competitiveness & Trade

Market position and penetration of new and emerging markets.
Productivity and Performance

Productivity & Performance

Strategising for productivity, change management, and business systems
Sustainability and Carbon Reduction

Sustainability & Carbon Reduction

Using sustainability to improve productivity, profits, and resilience

Tracking Progress

We’ll map the outcomes of our initial analysis along our five journeys, setting benchmarks for the future. Our ultimate goal is to improve business performance and increase alignment among senior teams so the company works as effectively as possible.

We give your teams bespoke action plans to address the most pressing challenges so you can achieve your ambitions, and make your manufacturing more clean, efficient, productive and profitable.

You can also take full advantage of our extensive network of experts spanning academia, industry bodies, training and technology specialists, to explore new ideas, develop your teams’ skillsets, pursue ground-breaking innovations, and strengthen your work.

Radar plots of senior team input

Measuring alignment within a manufacturers' senior team with our DNA tool

Plotting current performance

Tracking improvements in performance and alignment for manufacturers with our DNA tool
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