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Inspired PLC – Energy & Sustainability Consultants

Inspired PLC is a leading technology-enabled provider of energy and sustainability solutions that allow UK and Irish businesses to transition to net-zero carbon and manage their energy and carbon challenges.

What sets them apart from other advisory partners is their evidence-based approach that enables them to provide businesses with practical steps to make a real difference.

The consultancy is ranked the UK’s number one advisor by Cornwall Insight (2018 – 2022) which places them perfectly to support Cambridgeshire & Peterborough manufacturers with all their energy and sustainability needs.

All manufacturers facing rising energy costs and pressure to comply with ESG disclosures can tap into Inspired’s four areas of expertise:

  • Energy procurement and supporting services
  • Energy optimisation solutions
  • ESG strategy, disclosure, and impact services
  • Software and technology solutions

Energy is a significant overhead and now a board-level concern for businesses. With prices for electricity, gas and other fuels expected to rise in the coming years, taking control of how you buy, account for, and optimise your energy is critical.

Purchasing Power – SMA Energy Collective

Using the collective bargaining power of Smart Manufacturing Alliance members, they’re helping unlock access to wholesale energy markets through the SMA Energy Collective.

The SMA Energy Collective pools our members’ energy needs, giving them access to much more cost-effective energy prices for their businesses.

With a flexible approach, each member can spread the risk of buying, lowering exposure to unpredictable markets, and securing flexibility to take advantage of market reductions as they become available.

Our collective uses a portfolio strategy to energy procurement which caters to different attitudes to risk – it’s not “one size fits all”!

If you would like to know more about how Inspired can help your organisation, please get in touch:

01772 689 250

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