Seneye has undergone a 12 hour, fully-funded assessment through ACMI 4.0. Find out what our team, Jaz and Luqman, recommended to help the company take their digitalisation to the next level!


Seneye manufactures devices which are revolutionising keeping fish by helping to dramatically reduce fish deaths.

The Seneye allows fish keepers to truly understand what happens inside their aquarium or pond by monitoring the harmful parameters which aren’t detectable to the human eye. A Seneye device dramatically improves the frequency, accuracy, sensitivity, and robustness of water sensing to ensure that aquatic life thrives.

Bringing such sophisticated products to market requires an equally sophisticated operation. The Seneye team is keen to integrate their supply chain and resource planning, as well as explore how they can make it easier for their teams to share data across the company.

With our ACMI 4.0 team’s help they can fully prepare for taking on additional Industry 4.0 tech so they enhance performance and efficiency, and realise return on investment as quickly as possible.

Assessment and Gap Analysis

When our ACMI 4.0 team came to assess their performance, Seneye’s senior team were focusing on the following KPIs:

  • Asset and equipment efficiency
  • Workforce efficiency
  • Utilities efficiency
  • Planning and scheduling effectiveness
  • Process Quality




To assess their readiness for Industry 4.0 our team benchmarked their performance against industry best practice.

Seneye performed particularly well for its enterprise automation, enterprise connectivity, and their collaboration within the company and across its supply chain.

Although the assessment highlighted that connectivity and intelligence gathering could be improved at their facility, in-line with their KPIs, our ACMI 4.0 team has focused on how Seneye can digitise their supply chain and internal processes. This would help Seneye execute more accurate ordering, streamline communication between departments and companies, and improve customer service. Once these are optimised, digitising more of the production process will be easily achieved, and can be integrated into existing systems to make the most of the performance data.



Based on their priorities and outcomes of the assessment, our ACMI team has advised Seneye to focus on the following areas to get the most out of Industry 4.0:

  • Vertical Integration – this was the top priority our team highlighted. Formalising standard operating procedures will support resource planning and technical production. This will also help manage intelligence gathering across the business. This data can be refined further before Seneye adopts more digital platforms to help monitor performance.
  • Shop Floor Intelligence – with performance data being gathered in the production line, Seneye can begin to automate alerts to staff about dips in performance. A variety of visual management tools were also suggested to bring all this performance data into one place for multiple teams.





  • Strategy and Governance – ahead of digitising more of their operations, the senior team has been encouraged to formalise a long-term strategy to develop a Factory-of-the-Future. With a clear vision, the company should be able to adopt and optimise additional Industry 4.0 technologies much more quickly.
  • Horizontal Integration – Seneye’s horizontal integration is very close to industry best practice. Using a supply chain platform could further improve communication along the supply chain. An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) could also integrate enterprise processes with customers and suppliers.

Action Plan & Solutions

Our team has proposed a number of solutions to Seneye that could improve their performance in these key areas. These could all drive down costs, increase efficiency, and help the business maintain its competitive edge.


Next Steps

Seneye is applying for a grant from the ACMI 4.0 programme to support their digitisation journey. We will update with the outcomes when they are confirmed.


Proposed Solutions:

  • Industry 4.0 solutions
    • Human Machine Interface (HMI) could support on vertical and horizontal integration and shopfloor intelligence by centralising performance data for internal teams and for stakeholders like suppliers and customers.
  • Develop standard works to identify skills gaps and take a pro-active approach to skills development so staff can take full advantage of new technologies.
  • Developing their value stream map will help Seneye identify where they need to improve processes and capabilities in the business in line with their vision for a Factory-of-the-Future. This will help them prioritise their actions to enhance horizontal integration and boost overall performance.


“Seneye is open to new ideas, and it has been a pleasure to work with Jaz and Luqman throughout the consultancy.

“The ACMI4.0 process showed organisational knowledge levels and advice tailored to our manufacturing systems.

“Implementation has already started on several smart processes to help us achieve industry 4 readiness.”


Matt Stevenson, Founder / CEO, Seneye


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