The online survey tool provides an automatically generated report with the results of your company and the various scores of your employees. With this report, you get a better understanding of how your employees perceive the future in terms of Industry 4.0 and how ‘smart’ your company already is.

With the HRM Smart Industry 4.0 tool SME’s are going to find out about the specific competences of their employees in the company. They are going to think about the competences they have and what competences will change in the (near) future.


A few of the outcomes that are very useful for every type of company in the manufacturing industry are: which skills and abilities your employees currently think are important in their current work and think will change in the (near) future due to smart techniques and for example in which phase of the transition the company is now in (1 not smart – 5 hugely automated). The insights that arise from this are, for example, the re-training and education of personnel, the further development of soft skills or the learning of the English language, because this will become more important. By learning about this now, you and your colleagues can better prepared for the future.

Target audience

SME’s, Corporate Businesses.

Effort needed

The tool is available online so it can be accessed anywhere and it is available in 4 languages (English, Dutch, German and Danish). It does not require any external support as the questions and the end report are self-explanatory. This survey has to be filled in by all employees within the company and the completion should take approximately 10 minutes per person.


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