Mark Starling is the Managing Director of Korten Ltd, who are exhibition Designers and Contractors. They are based in St Ives Cambridgeshire, and have been producing Exhibition stands and displays for 57 years.

Mark joined the company in 1979 having left art school, he joined temporally to help with graphics, 42 years later he is still with the company. In 1999, having worked in all departments manufacturing and installing exhibition booths worldwide, he was appointed Managing Director.
The vibrant exciting Exhibition industry in which the UK is world leading in design and manufacture was hit extremely hard by the COVID pandemic. The industry at last is being allowed to re start.

Korten have a busy programme going forward but with companies that have been dormant for 19 months we have challenges going forward.

Korten have a customer base and events worldwide.

We have this proportion of events split as follows; 55% mainland Europe, 25% U.K, 20% U.S.A and rest of the world. We were one of a very small few companies producing exhibition booths behind the old Iron Curtain.

Design and the manufacture of exciting innovating Exhibition booths is in his blood. He finds solving issues to real deadlines and keeping to customer’s budgets, both challenging and rewarding. He is very proud of the Korten team and the way we achieve our customers’ expectations.