Inspired Energy PLC has over 20 years experience in commercial energy procurement and work with over 3,500 businesses in every sector of society from public sector to private sector, particularly those businesses with large property estates and energy intensive processes.

Using the collective bargaining power of Smart Manufacturing Alliance members, they’re helping unlock lower energy prices not available on the open market through the SMA Energy Collective.

Inspired PLC provides expert insight and consultancy to reduce the price businesses pay, as well as reducing their consumption. With businesses facing increasing pressure to get serious about sustainability, they create their own perfect-fit utilities management solutions, effectively disclose their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) performance and improve their ESG impact.

Inspired Energy’s solutions create a clear and actionable long term plan, making investment easier to obtain and carbon reductions quicker to realise. Net zero is a challenge but with the right support and advice, can present businesses with a range of commercially and operationally beneficial opportunities.

Purchasing Power – SMA Energy Collective

The SMA Energy Collective pools our members’ energy needs, giving them access to much more cost effective energy prices for their businesses.

With a flexible approach, each member can spread the risk of buying, lowering exposure to unpredictable markets, and securing flexibility to take advantage of market reductions as they become available.

Our collective uses a portfolio strategy to energy procurement which caters to different attitudes to risk – it’s not “one size fits all”!

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